Sunday, December 26, 2010

Let the light show begin!!

Three years ago, I found the Fort Zumwalt Celebration of Lights.  The park was near my Mother's house, where she was in hopice care at the end of her battle with cancer.  The many many trips to her house to care for her were sometimes unbearable, but one dark night, the street looked different.  Brighter.  Full of cheer.  It was the lighting of the park.  WOW!!  It was lit the same night she passed, and I can remember staring at the entrance as we would drive by, with a tiny bit of guilt, at the thought that I would love to take Blake through it.  How could I think of such a thing when my Mom is dying?  Well, we didn't go that night of course, and even two weeks later, I didn't want to drive back down her road to the park, but before Christmas, we packed into the car and drove through.  We loved it!  I thought of her, because I know she would have loved it! 

Each and every year, we make a family night of driving throught the Fort Zumwalt Christmas Light display.  We put on our pajamas, bring popcorn, and drinks.  We blast Christmas music and I let the kids out of their seatbelts to move around....ssshhhhhh....i make them hurry and buckle back before we get to the pay station, and someone might catch them! lol!! 

Taylor love the Rudolph displays, and Blake loved ALL of them! 

Taylor's ready!!!

Blake's ready!!!

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  1. It was so cool. We will definitely go again next year!