Sunday, December 26, 2010

Blessed on Christmas Eve

Finally, after torturing the kids for hours, we began the gift-opening with a prayer led by Blake to thank God for everything he has blessed us with.  He did an awesome job, I'll post a video when I figure out how to do it!  Blake asked for Taylor to go first...he's so thoughtful.  He even helped her open hers.  She got a mobiGo from Aunt Sissy!!!  She has tried to play with Blake's Nintendo DS for about a year now and we always take it away from her, so now she has her own pink "DS"...thanks Aunt Sissy!!  She loves it and is really good at it already!!

Taylor's position for the rest of the night!

Next, was Blake's turn.  And of course, he wanted to open Aunt Sissy's HUGE present...little did he know that it was a HUGE joke put on by mean ol' Aunt Sissy herself!  The kids KNOW that Aunt Sissy brings the greatest gifts ever, so as soon as she walked through the door today, they have been begging to open presents.  Blake has been wanting a Lego City set for months now and couldn't wait to see what was in that BIG box...well, Diana (aka Aunt Sissy) packed a tiny 3inch Lego/McDonalds toy inside that huge box and was gonna wait for him to be bummed before treking out to her trunk to bring in the "real" present.  Mean huh?  I told her that he would like anything, big or small that she got him and the joke wouldn't work...she thought he'd cry and then she started to worry about it and even started to cry a bit for him while he opened it....AND...he was happy with a tiny toy!!!!!!!!!!!!  I won!!!!!!!!!!!  He was happy enough that we even almost forgot to go out and get him the real the end, she gave him a HUGE Lego City Set and he was happy as he could be!!!

Taylor got a baby that NEVER stops talking and laughing, again, THANKS AUNT SISSY! 

Blake got Star Wars hat, gloves, and books!

Each year I let the kids pick a gift to give to the other...

Taylor got Blake Star War ship and figures from a consignment store

Blake got Taylor a princess set from the same store!
I also let the kids pick a gift to give to Aunt Sissy.  This year they got her a personalized ornament and a pair of slippers.  Poor aunt adults have agreed to NOT give gifts...that just being together is gift enough, but this year, Diana cheated!!  She gave me a new GPS system for my truck since mine got stolen!!!  She is the most thoughtful person in the world, I am ever so blessed to have her as my sister (and not because she gives me more stuff than I could ever deserve) but because she is the best sister EVER!  I respect her wishes of NOT posting pics of her, otherwise here is where you would see her shining smile!!!  LOL!!

Billy got me an mp3 to use at the gym and I got him the promise of God cd set.  Aunt Sissy took care of Sophie too with a stocking full of goodies.  Though we were blessed with gifts to share with one another...the bestest ever gift in the whole wide world is a family to share good times with!  I am truly blessed!

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