Sunday, December 26, 2010

Early openings!

Christmas eve day, Aunt Sissy arrived bearing all kinds of for the kids, presents, and food.  The kids, and us, wait for her to get here, so we can start the festivities.  The kids got to open a couple gifts early in the day.  (mostly because they were items that were needed that day).  Blake got Star War Legos pajamas, and Taylor got a Maisy's Christmas Eve book.  Blake was happy and Taylor ran away saying, "Let's read it right now!" 

Taylor's first present

Notice Taylor already reading her book

Yay for pajamas

The second gifts they got to open was snow boots for Blake and a fishing pole for Taylor.  We were all dressed to go play in the snow and Blake had no boots, he started to put on his tennys and Daddy asked him to open the present that he got camo boots.  YAY!!  Daddy got Taylor a princess light-up fishing pole.  I have to say, I had doubts...seriously...a fishing pole.  But she loved it!  She has carried it around everywhere...GO DADDY!!

Red Head boots! 

YAY!!!  A pole!!!

Ready to go ice fishing!!

Aunt Sissy brought Nick Jr. Wii FIT!!  It was a huge hit for Taylor.  She has been begging to play wii, but there are really no games that she is quite ready for....but leave it to Aunt Sissy to set her up!!  If it weren't for good ol' Aunt Sissy, presents wouldn't have been near this big!

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