Tuesday, December 28, 2010

packing away the memories

Well....today is the day....that I get sad.  I am packing away the Christmas stuff.  My home feels warm, inviting, decorated cheerfully, and when I pack up all the Christmas, it feels empty and plain.  PLUS, the excitement and anticipation of the season is over... I guess it's time to start thinking about a happy New Year!!! 

Earlier in the month, I wrote about  how we keep Christmas memories , we write about special moments/memories on a card to be put with this years new ornament, pack it away to read next year when we decorate the tree.  It might just be a sentence or a few words...but it ALWAYS brings back memories!

This year, Blake wrote a letter to Mom and Dad while in school.  It says:

 "Dear Mom and Dad. 
Santa may give you lots of Christmas presents, but I will give you my heart. 
 Love, Blake"  

AWWwwww!!  So, since he didn't get a Hallmark special ornament this year (part of the Christmas cut-backs! LOL!)  I let him decorate an envelope, enclose his letter, his 2010 memory card, and his hand-painted ornament.  We will get to unpack it next year!!  YAY!!

Blake's 2010 Christmas Memories

Taylor got to put her memory card in her 2010 ornament too!!  

Taylor's 2010 Christmas memory card

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  1. I took ours down today, too. I was honestly ready to declutter. It is sad but I start getting excited for the New Year.