Saturday, August 6, 2011

Blake is Cashin In

Unless Blake is saving up for a specific item, he really doesn't take an interest in money at all.  He likes to do things to earn it, but then just puts it in his wallet and it stays there for months, without him giving it a thought...I wish I could do that! 

He earned $10 this week...first he started out with
$3 and told us that he was gonna be "cheap"
so that he could save it!  Then at church that
same morning, he happily handed over one of his
dollars to buy Taylor a donut, so Daddy said he would
pay him back double!  Then he tried on all of his school
clothes @ 10 cents/item, then he helped me tag items for the
kids sale coming up...what a great way to cash in!!!

The wallet is very special.  It was given to Billy by his Dad, Bill.  Bill was a trucker and had it made with his initials engraved in the leather.  "THAT" is why we had to find a boys name with the same initials as his Daddy, we wanted to pass the wallet down to him!!  Therefore, Blake Wayne Sullivan was named after his Dad, Billy Wayne Sullivan!  It actually worked out great, because I have an older brother named Wayne too...figure the chances of that! lol!

He finally has enough to buy the 5th Diary of a Wimpy Kid book...he has
read 4 of the books this summer!

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