Saturday, August 20, 2011

Walking the Dog

Taylor plays with her little animals everyday, she hauls them to the vet, IS the vet, cares for them, talks to them, AND TODAY....I thought, she was torturing one!! (not that performing surgery on them isn't! lol!) I see her with a choke chain around it's neck and she is dragging it around behind her....she wasn't torturing it, she was "walking" it!  I guess since she's not big enough to walk her own dog, she'll just keep pretending to walk her little animal babies!

which doggie would you rather walk?!?!

Just a note about our BIG dog, Sophie...she can be a pain in our backside much of the time, but she is so gentle and loving to Taylor...the other night, Sophie the beggar, hit the jackpot...Blake didn't want the rest of his meat, so it was hers!  Taylor was sitting on Sophie's back as the dog lay in the floor waiting to see if she got a bite of leftovers, Blake tosses it to her and since Tay is on her back, she refuses to budge, the meat hit her in the face, fell on the floor and she just stared at it until Taylor got up, then she jumped up and snatched it up...this dog will do ANYTHING for a treat, anything EXCEPT, buck Taylor off!!! 

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