Wednesday, August 10, 2011

End of Summer Dad's Day

Billy took an extra day off this week to spend some time with Blake before summer is has gone by so fast!  Since he has to work so much, it's hard to find days that can be spent just having fun, so he decided to have an End of Summer Day, just to spend with Blake and do some Father Son stuff.  They started to morning off with some golfing.  Blake really like golf, we may let him take lessons!  He was actually pretty good :) 

gearing up to hit the course!

Taylor was a bit bummed that she couldn't
go and be part of the father son stuff
but at least she made it into a pic!
 After golfing, they had lunch together and then decided to do Blake's "other" favorite thing....go bowling!!!  They had fun there too...they are both really sore tonight, but it was worth it...I think we should make it a family tradition!

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