Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Blake is Officially a 2nd grader!

Blake woke up early, too early, I had to get him to lay back down!  He was excited to get ready and go. He wanted to wear his Missouri Jersey because his big sister, Allison is a Mizzou freshman this year!!!  He happily took his shower and got dressed. He even fed and watered the dog, to stay on top of things!  He was very efficient, organized, and business-like all morning...weird!  I packed lunches and made us all french toast for breakfast, he was to excited to eat very much, and for the third time this morning said, "I can't believe I'm a 2nd grader already!"  but then he added with seriousness, "Time sure does fly.."  I immediately agreed as the tears rolled down my cheek...where DOES THE TIME GO? 

As we drove to school, his Dad called to wish him a great day and tell him that he is proud of him, he liked that. I offered to drive him up to the front door and he said that he didn't want me to have to fight the traffic, I promised him that I didn't mind, but he said to just let him walk from the he went..I pulled off crying.  I have no idea why!! 

Little Sis had to be in the pic too!

ready to go with all his gear!

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  1. I did pretty good and didn't cry. I was sad but I think because Kanin was so excited it made it easier on me.