Monday, November 7, 2011

Dance Observation Night

The dance studio holds an observation night to let parents see what the classes are all about.  My sister and I, both got to go and watch the kiddos.  This was a really big deal to us, because it's Taylor's first year of dance and Aunt Sissy is wonderful enough to pay for her classes!!!  Taylor absolutely loves dance and can hardly wait to go to the next lesson. 

A bit of playing time before class!

Time for stretching

Ballet with the bar
My little ballerina
Tapping...doing the shovel

practicing opening & closing the window
This is Blake's second year of hip hop/jazz dance.  He really likes it, but we are going through a bit of a "I'd rather shoot my buddy with a pretend laser beam" phase.  He seems to get the dance moves, even though I don't think he's listening as well as he should. 

doing coffee grinders

break dance!!
 I will give him credit...his instructor really gives these kiddos a workout!  He insists upon stretching, coordination, core strength, and gets them moving!  I guess he's just being a boy, and after all, how long is he gonna use his imagination for play?  He's already growing up so fast that if he wants to laser his friend, shoot away, little man!  Just learn some dance while you're at it!!!

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