Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend of Scouting

This weekend, the kids and I, headed out to deliver food pantry bags to all of the neighborhood doorknobs.  Last year we picked up the bagged food, but didn't get to hand the was fun!  I will also add that it was a bit challenging with little sister, Tay, along.  We invited another wolf cub along, they took turns attaching the bags to the doorknobs...with the gusty winds, those slick little sacks aren't easy to tie! Plus, Taylor cried at several doorsteps, she wanted to tie some's just too hard for her, but I talked her into letting me help least she got to do ONE sack. 
After the bag drop, we headed back to the school to do the grounds work.  Somehow, I got myself into heading up the school grounds keeper position...not sure how it happened...I'm definitely missing a green thumb!  We'll see how long it takes the landscaping to fall apart! lol!  Truth is...I love working outside, mulching, raking, and all...and that is exactly what our entire pack did...we raked, trimmed, and mulched the entire Progress South Elementary grounds!!!  It looks wonderful!  All the little scouts did a great job, along with us parents, of course. They learned that with teamwork, you can accomplish a huge task.  We also went into this project with the thought process that helping and serving our community is helpful and rewarding.
Blake shoveled mulch for hours!!!  Playing on the gigantic mountain was fun too!
Taylor was a trooper all day...she got mulch
blown into her eyes, but kept raking along!

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