Thursday, November 24, 2011


This year, Thanksgiving was especially wonderful, Billy took some vacation days off.  We got to spend some quality family time together.  We moved our dinner up to Wednesday, it worked out better for our schedules, and that cleared our Thursday up to go help serve at our church's big event!  We have wanted to participate for years now, but family dinner has always consumed our day, it was wonderful to be able to help out!  Sometimes we don't realize, or want to think about the fact that, while we are busy cooking and enjoying family and good eats, there are many who won't even get to eat a "regular" meal that day...I want to make this a yearly tradition, the kids loved it and will remember it forever too!

Blake made a hat for Taylor...THIS is what I
have to deal with while trying to cook!

Blake's undercover turkey project

" Dear Farmer, I don't think you should eat this turkey...I mean, "Sir  Gobbles Alot"
He is rich and famous and he would be mad too!  From,  Sir Gobbles Alot"  - Blake

How can one Aunt Sissy possible handle
all this?!?!?

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