Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Night is for Decorating!!

Thanksgiving night, we dig out the Christmas decorations!  The trees are brought up, the lights are hung, and the kids get to hang all their very own ornaments!

Daddy got the fire going for us!

The kids each get a special gift ornament to
hang on decorating night

The happy dance!

Taylor got her "3rd Christmas" ornament

Thanks to my pal, Karen...he got a super
special "Ben 10" ornament!  When Tay
found her ornament, I had to wrap his
on the fly, it ended up wrapped with a dental bill!

The special ornaments have cards that have
special memories written on them each year,
it's fun to go back and read them!
Big bro helping his sis....awwww!

The lit tree in the dark!  I let the kids decorate this
tree ANY way they want!

My front room tree (that I get to decorate)
with the wooden Thomas train
that chuggs around and around!

Christmas' past...

Our Santa was a family gift
I spent the next two days decorating the entire house!  I love decorating for the holidays!  Merry Christmas!

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