Thursday, July 12, 2012

VBS and the desert journey

Our friend, April, invited Blake and Taylor to go to Vacation Bible School with her two little ones.  It was so nice of her and the kids really loved it!  It was based around an Amazing Desert Journey.  Each morning everyone gathered to sing songs for opening and did the same at closing. They even gave us a CD to keep and play with the kids.  The songs were adorable and the sign language movements they incorporated, really brought the songs to life! 

I am STILL singing the songs in my cute!

Taylor has been learning sooo much this week!  I mean, every other thought is something about vbs...Blake did something he wasn't supposed to and I hear Tay say, "oh, it's okay Bubby, God forgives us, so Mommy will too"!  We will just be sitting there, having dinner or watching a show and Taylor belts out, "God loves us even when we are bad...and so does Jesus"...we look at eachother and smile!  She hasn't stopped talking about all that she learned...and we are still listening to all the cute songs in the truck! 

Gracie, Kanin, Blake, and Taylor

Tay and Gracie holding the group sign to welcome
their friends :)

This VBS was so detailed and had the kids do so many cool crafts.  Each one was themed for the day, and included a lesson from the bible!  The projects they brought home were adorable!

This was a fave...i wish i had a picture of ALL the
wonderful little masterpieces they made...they
are displayed all around our house!

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  1. I am so happy that the kids liked it!! What a blessing.