Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cub Scout Day Camp

We got to do the scout day camp this year, and it was great!  It lasted all day for 5 days... it was long and packed full of really cool activities.  It was held at Fort Zumwalt Park, which is huge and equipped with hiking trails, a lake, and lots of space to set up all the different activities.

The first day got rained out.  We got there, signed in, and the storms hit...Blake was a bit mad a me for it. (cuz, you know...Moms can cause torrential rains just to ruin their kids fun day!lol!) The next day made up for it though.  I was the volunteer for the day and I loved it!

 They had camp for the "pee wees" aka...Taylor tot!  I was really worried about leaving her at the playground camp from 8:30-4:00, I even asked one of the den chiefs to go check on her at lunch time.  They said she was chatty and playing so well, I let her have her fun and stayed with the pack. 
The pee wee camp was set up for the little ones to play at the playground, do activites, snacks/lunch, arts and crafts...they made it a special time for them too! 

We started out by heading to the shooting range...the boys loved it!  It's always one of the favorites. 

Next, they headed to an area that taught them about geology.  Billy and Blake both love finding arrowheads and cool rocks, so this was perfect. 

The O'Fallon police department was there, doing bike helmet fittings and safety lessons.  Then they played "catch the tail" with some of the interns.  Blake was proud to make it to the finals!  There was also... hikes, obstable courses, fishing, and lots of games.
heading in for a hike

The archery and paintball wrist rockets were another big hit.  Blake is a really good shooter!  He immediately came home and told his Dad that he wanted to start practicing his target shooting...that made Billy happy!

Even the crafts they did were awesome!  They made little robotic solar powered jumping grasshoppers, leather bookmarks, tinfoil punched designs, painted animals, kerchief holders, and several other animal projects.

all the boys during the robotics section
  The final activity was the water bottle rockets!  They had an automated system set up to pump them full of air and let them blast off!

As a grand finale...the world bird sanctuary came to show off some awesome animals and teach the kids about them!  I can't wait to visit the sanctuary this summer.

I can't forget to mention the Pee Wee Camp!!!  Taylor got to go to her own camp while I was so cool...all the neat things they did with her, considering it was an all day amazed me that she was still happy and had played so hard and done so much!

these are a few of the projects that she got to do..she
love it!!!

This camp was so packed full of stuff to do...we will definitely do it again next year!

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