Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The 4th of July

This was an awesome 4th of July!  We just hung out at the house with Aunt Sissy & Uncle Danny to swim, shoot off some fireworks and enjoy some family time!  My favorite kind of day!
we set up the sprinkler and spent most of the day hanging in the pool!!

I tried to NOT center the holiday around food, so I kept that simple as well.  We had "healthier" buffalo chicken dip with veggies for dipping but added on some extra calories with the banana pudding and bacon wrapped jalepenos! Yummy!
Sofa was in American Spirit too!
There was a drought and fire warning this year, so we couldn't shoot off our normal fireworks, but that didn't stop Aunt Sissy from taking the kiddos up to their favorite tent to buy a TON of cool ones!! 

We sprinkled the back yard and let them do smokebombs

and blackcat snakes

Some wii....vintage Super Mario Bros competition!

finished the day with a nap

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