Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Nicki Minaj Concert

My niece lives in Kentucky and I just love that girl!  She is 18 years old now...how can she be 18 already?!?!  Anyways, her and her friend wanted to go to the Nicki Minaj concert here in STL. Her Mom was awesome enough to buy tickets and drive them all the way here!  They asked Diana and I to take them.  Whether it be for protection, guidance, or just cuz we are sooo flippin' cool, we were excited!  I will admit, I was a bit worried about going downtown to see Nicki...she is very explicit and while, in my past,  she would have been my absolute HERO...I am a bit older now...enough said! lol! 
Isn't she the best?!?!?
The girls got to the house just a couple hours before the show...we headed for downtown and then hopped on the metro.  (which, b/c I am a total dork...we could've been beat up or at least, robbed a few times) Safely, we arrived at Union Station, ate at Hard Rock Cafe, and then walked to the Peabody for the concert....the entire time, we were cracking up laughing and having a blast...I love times like that!!  We got to the opera house, found our seats, let the girls go get t-shirts, and then witnessed "exactly what a concert should be like"...

First act was 2Chainz... hard core gangster-style rap is the only explanation I can come up with.  It was awesome and they put on a great show...honestly just watching everything going on around us was pure entertainment...totally took me back.

When Nicki finally made her grand appearance, it was a show just in itself!!!  She was an awesome rapper and performer too!  We all danced and jammed right along with them...this was the loudest most energy-filled concert I have ever been to!  I absolutely loved being there with those girls, it's a bit scary that we are so much alike, especially for her parents, the main difference b/t us is that she is a great girl, she just likes this rap music...I think she inherited it from me! lol!

Nicki reminded me of Little Kim, back in my day...naughty girl style rap, but I have to say....at the end of the concert, she made a huge point to tell all those young girls to "STAY IN SCHOOL...because knowledge is something that NOBODY can ever take from you".  She also told them to "NOT give up your bodies to every Tom, Dick, and Harry"  just those few words of wisdom, spoken to her crowd of admiring young girls that are absolutely obsessed with her, gained me tons of respect for her!  Somebody needs to tell them this stuff!

After the concert, walking back to the metro, we were talking...This night just really "took me back"...I have always loved rap and hip hop music...I love the city, the love the energy, I love the whole scene, however...I love the place in my life that I am at...Billy leads worship with the band at our church, and the most hard-core rap I've heard lately is from our youth at church...which is awesome...by the way! This night reminded me of "the me I used to be"...I loved getting to hang out with my sis and the girls.  This was an awesome night (even getting lost on the metro) that I will never forget...thank you Regina, Amanda, and Jesssica for letting us be part of it!!!

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