Saturday, December 29, 2012

Celebration of Lights

It took us two tries to make it to the drive-thru lights, this year!  The first time we got in our pajamas, new slippers, bought snacks and drove there to find out that it was train-only night!  The second time was a charm...we love to drive through and see all the beautiful light displays.  And Sophie pup got to come along for the ride too!

I will say, within a few minutes of seeing all the amazing lights, I was finding myself trying hard, not to cry (more like, trying not to let the kids see me already crying)...I could not let myself have such joy... as the thought of the many families in Connecticut that lost their babies kept entering my mind.  Within the next few moments, I heard Taylor, literally scream with delight, at Bubby, that she saw Super Mario! Next, Blake yelled and pointed at the Angry Birds flying across the road!  I had to be enlightened by their excitement and get back into the moment the we were blessed to have...driving through... enjoying Christmas, the lights, and each other. 

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  1. They do such a good job up at the park. I felt the same way.