Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Eve -part 2

After church, the kids were excited to get back home, because Aunt Sissy and Uncle Danny had brought so many presents, that it looked like Santa already came!  The entire living room was loaded with gifts...they really spoil us! 

I can't believe Tay got a Nabi tablet from Aunt Sissy!!!!

and Blake got a Nintendo 3DS XL !!!! 
Aunt Sissy brings all the gifts that Santa can't afford, she really blesses us! After presents, we had snacks and appetizers...we always make bacon-wrapped chestnuts, spinach artichoke dip, desserts, etc..  We ate, then played games.  I printed some games off the internet this year and we had fun...the first one was a game of Left Right.  We all grabbed a lottery scratch off card, then read a story that made us pass it left, right and back and forth, some cards were worth $1, some worth $5, and one worth $10...we all wanted the big ones!  It was fun, but kinda long!  The next game we played was a dice game that my friend, April, told me was a total blast!  We played with quarters and Aunt Susie left with most of our money! lol! 

After games, Billy read his traditional "Twas the night before Christmas" book, the kids got Santa's cookies & milk ready for him...Santa comes tonight!

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