Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Eve -Part 1

We had a wonderful Christmas of my all-time favorites! 

The kids are always excited, because Aunt Sissy comes to spend the night.  This year, Uncle Danny was getting to come too, we just didn't know what time they would make it over, so to break up the waiting time, we told the kids that after nap...we would let them open the gifts from us.  Taylor went right to sleep and when she woke was time! 

Blake got a memory foam pillow...he was like..."gee...thanks" lol!

Blake gave Tay a Harry Potter lizard from Grace's consignment shop...
she loved it!

Taylor gave Blake the newest Pokemon handbook and Tay got a baking set
and a cleaning set with broom and mop!  Perfect to give early because
I put that girl to work, helping me! lol!
The rest of the day was spent with Blake reading his new book, Taylor cooking and cleaning and the constant watching out the window!

Are they here yet?!?!?!?  Sophie was just as excited as the kids!
Aunt Sissy and Uncle Danny came in time to go to church with us! This is the 1st year that our church has done a Christmas Eve Candlelight was the perfect thing to do, we loved it! Aunt Susie joined us too!  We had a very intimate service, sang Christmas carols, listened to a Christmas message, and then had a birthday cake to celebrate baby Jesus! We love our church!

Daddy, Kevin, and Pat did acoustic Christmas carols


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