Friday, December 21, 2012

Gingerbread Family

The kids and I usually put a gingerbread house together, complete with all the little candies and such, but's hard work and usually falls apart.  They are also pretty expensive too, so this year, we bought a roll of refrigerated cookie dough and a gingerbread cookie cutter.  We made a gingerbread family to decorate instead of a house. 

The kids loved rolling out the dough, cutting them out, eating a few broken pieces, and then decorating them!  We made different colors of icing and they went crazy...we got really good at it by the time we were done!
Before we were done though, Taylor got feeling really bad...ran a 103 fever.  Poor thing had pneumonia, so she was on bed rest at home the rest of the week.  Blake got an ear infection the following day and so now they were both home sick on antibiotics...the goal was to get everyone healthy by Christmas Eve.  At least we got our Gingy Bread Peeps done!  :)

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