Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Day

Blake always wakes up first, and Christmas morning was no different!  He was very patient while we woke Taylor up, he whispered, "Taylor...Santa came, wanna go see what he brought", in a real sweet voice...we like for them to both go see what Santa brought together.  Her little head popped up and they ran out to see!

they must have been good! Santa came and brought all kinds of goodies!
Blake got a real hunting bow!

Taylor got the rainbow unicorn pillow pet light!

She got her very own Pokemon handbook!
Santa left a note behind, "Blake & Taylor, thanks for the cookies,
I took the gingerbreads with me to keep!  Buddy will sure miss
your excitement...XOXO, Santa"

We all stayed in our pajamas ALL DAY, made a wonderful Christmas dinner and just played with our new toys for the rest of the day! We took time to just enjoy each other's company.
We set the table with Mon's tablecloth and some
kid friendly coloring placemats.

Ham with a side of cranberry orange glaze , sweet potatoes, hashbrown casserole,
sauteed brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes, and dinner rolls....yum!

With all the terrible things going on in this world, like the school shootings, I had been so bummed and heartbroken this holiday season, after much prayer and grieving for the families, I turned all my focus on God himself, the one true gift He gave to us, and to how blessed we are with this wonderful family... this ended up being the very best Christmas ever.

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