Monday, January 9, 2012

You are special because...

In Blake's classroom, for his birthday, his friends wrote little notes to him.  Some of them were super sweet, others were hilarious....

They all started out with: 
You are special because...

"you are funny and cool"
"you always help me and I'm your best friend, Tyler"
"you have a smart brain and you are nice everytime I see you.  You are funny"
"you are funny, cool, and fun"
"you are smart"
"you are awesome and you are cool"
"you are nice"
"you are very funny"
"your comics are awesome"
"it is a verey speshl day, it is your day to shine, have meney wishis! From Sarah"
"Nowen else is exactlee like you, love Sophie. Have a wonderful day Blake"
"You are unique in your own way, for instanse, you like baseball, are nice and smart and you like video games"

These are adorable birthday gifts for Blake, such a thoughtful thing for the teacher to let the kids do!


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