Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Visiting the Recycle Center

Today is the last day of Christmas vacation...we are visiting the recycle center with the cub scouts.  I was really excited, because I wondered what and how exactly they sort all that trash.  I absolutely LOVE to take out the trash now, because the recycle can is full and my regular "landfill" can is barely even used..it amazes me and makes me feel sooo good!

As a tribure to 9/11...kids donated plastic toys and covered
the statue of liberty!

They watched a video about how it all works
looking out into the line

lots of trash comes in and they sort through to find all the recycle blue bags..yuck!!

We all got weighed at the station!  We all weighed 1200 lbs together!!
After the tour, we decided to hit Burger King to let the kids play and grab breakfast.  We stayed all the way through lunch and got a chance to visit and hang out with friends for one last fun thing before the regular school schedule begins again.

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