Friday, January 20, 2012

Meeting Max

After hanging out at the library, waiting for Max's grand appearance...the room opened up, all the kids and parents filed in and sat on the floor to listen to a famous Max & Ruby book...Bunnycakes!!!  After the story, a craft room was opened up and Max came through the door to visit.
Max finally made it!

Taylor was one of the first kids to show him her favorite toy, a Max bunny!

We headed for the arts & crafts
Blake helped Taylor out

Tay made her own bunny ears

on the way out, she wanted to see him again...
she had to tell him "thank you"

and get a big hug

Blake was happy to rent a book he's been wanting for a long time...Dragonbreath
 We had a wonderful day together and will see what else the library will hold for us!

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