Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fourth of July

On Sunday night, we walked over to our neighbor's house to watch them shoot of thousands of dollars of fireworks!  It was really neat, except the part where the trashcans that they were cleaned up in, caught on fire and almost burned down their house!  Yikes!

We had Aunt Susie and Aunt Sissy over to BBQ and swim, we refused to let the rainy weather bum us out!  We went to the parade, came back and immediately got our swimsuits on...cloudy or not...we will enjoy the pool and celebrate our country! 
Dressed to Celebrate!
Aunt Sissy has a tradition of taking the kids to buy fireworks.
They always pick out all these cool looking ones!  Taylor
is known for playing with them until they are duds! LOL!

Since we had firecrackers, Billy decided to put on a show/hunt for us...
he wants rid of the moles in our yard so bad, that he put firecrackers
down their tunnels, we all watched...afraid of what we might see!

It's just a loud "BANG" right...our moles are deaf now!

Blake, "seriously?   really?"

the pull string firecrackers were duds...until I yanked on one...."POW" then
sawdust and cardboard ALL over me...argh!

This was Blake's first year of holding the punk
and lighting the smoke bombs...he
was so thrilled!

He just wants to light stuff...this isn't a good sign...i do not need a pyro!

Busy at work...
Blake's turn to check out the goods!

Sophie came out for ONE fountain, freaked out (see ear), we sent
her back in to the bedroom so she could block it all out!

He is soooo pretending..we didn't let him light these big ones!

Sitting out to enjoy the display!
The Famous Smoke bombs!

Blake lined them up to get them ready for Daddy
to shoot off for us!

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