Saturday, July 9, 2011

Purina Farms & more Farms

Thursday, Billy and I took the kids to Purina Farms.  It was a wonderful day to get to spend together. 

We're here!

Working the control panels at the dog food factory
to make dog food!

There's a bunch of tunnels in the barn to crawl through!

My little peanut!!

Petting the dairy cow...we all got licked with it's rough tongue too!!

Both my scrawny  kids together only weigh 70 lbs!

Got to pet the piglets

Taylor's dream come hold a chicken!  She's never
been able to catch one, but this chicken let her pet it and hold it!

Taylor milked the cow...Blake refused!

Relaxing on the dog couch in the cat house!

The dog show was amazing!  We've been to the farm before, but never stayed to watch the show...we were really missing out.  These dogs, and one pot belly pig, did some awesome tricks...catching frisbees, obstacle course, and diving competitions!  Some of these dogs are just shelter dogs that are setting world cool is that?  The trainer came out with frisbees to give away, Blake caught one of them and then, when he was down to the last one...he came all the way around the dive pool, through an entire crowd of people and handed it to Taylor!  That's twice this week that people have picked her out of a crowd!  I'm a braggin' Momma!

The kids with their Frisbees

rope swings in the barn

Together they can pull almost as much as a sled dog!LOL!

 Billy and I got to enjoy a ride through the county on the way home, it may just have been our favorite part of the day!  It reminded us of back home country roads.  We saw amazing farms, and this one was close to home and FOR SALE!  We've always had a dream of owning an old historical farmhouse. Blake loves fishing and hunting and Taylor's love for animals makes us wonder if we should be raising her on a farm?!?!?  We've both lived on farms before, maybe again someday!

HHHMMMMMMMMMM.....  (is this OUR sign???)

Did I mention that we all love Ghost Hunters too!  lol!!

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