Thursday, July 7, 2011

Six Flags

Blake earned a FREE Six Flags ticket for reading at school.  Diana and I decided to take them a couple of weeks ago and it was great!  Blake could ride most all of the rides this year and  Taylor was happy to ride anything they would let her on, so it was definitely "action-packed"!

We started out on the HUGE Farris wheel.  We are not scared of heights, but it had our knees shaking!  Taylor was huddled up next to me, trying not to move!

Blake's first REAL ride was the Pandemonium coaster, then they headed for The BOSS!!  I hung out with Taylor at the kiddie playground and when they got back, Blake looked a bit pale.  All he could say is, "My lips were inside-outted!"  Diana agreed that it was a crazy ride!  We took him on the Mine Train several times too.  His all time fave was the Pandemonium, formerly Tony Hawk...he kept begging to go on it again!

Blake was really good about taking Taylor on the kiddie rides, even though he wasn't thrilled about it!  She would go with or without him, but I figured he'd have more fun riding than watching, so we asked him to go with her...

The little tiny set of feel are Taylor's!!!
It was the perfect day to be at six flags...not too hot and not too cool!  There were no lines to wait in and you could just go at the pace you wanted....and that's awesome when you have a three year old along!  :)  Believe it or not, it was a pretty relaxing day, we only lost each other once!  Diana and Blake went to ride a coaster, while Taylor and I bought pics at the Log hour later, we still hadn't found each least Taylor got her nap!!!

All of us went on Thunder River together and poor Taylor was the one who continually got soaked, not just splashes, but waves completely covering her...I was worried about her, but she loved it!  We also went on the Log Flume together with Taylor in front, she loved it too!  It was my favorite, too!  We planned on going to the water park too, but ran out of time!  I cannot believe how fast time flew! We still got pics of the killer shark with the kids though!

You can see how tired Taylor was by the end of it...
that's after an hour nap in her stroller!
She had to try on some hats at the gift shop!

Taylor would have nothing to do with the characters!!!

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