Saturday, July 23, 2011

Taking the Tack

While working in my office today, Taylor was playing right under my chair and must have "needed" a zillion things...a new diaper put on her baby doll, the teapot lid dislodged, the colors of the rainbow repeated over and over as she dug each crayon out of the box, then another potty break...she still needs my assistance with this at times, so I stopped my work, again, to take her to the bathroom.  Heading back to my desk, I stepped on a thumb tack, hard, right in my heel.  It was all the way in, I had to pull it out and to make matters worse...the reason it was no longer in my wall was because it was bent like a fish hook at the end making the exit rougher.....OUCH!!!  I have to say, that that wasn't the first thing I thought very first thought was THANK GOD Taylor didn't step on it!!  She had been right where it was for quite some time and again, Thank God, I stepped on it instead of her...not trying to sound heroic by any means, it's just a tiny reminder of how much we love our children...I'd take the tack ANY DAY!!!! 

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