Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Jubilee

This is the second year of volunteering through  our Church for the Saturday Jubilee and Operation Food Search.  We were really excited to help collect food for the local food banks around the area, Blake is at a great age to really understand why we are doing this! 

The first thing we do is make posters for the kids to hold up while standing in front of the grocery store.  They always enjoy getting to make their own. 

Blake's sign says, FEED THE HUNGRY

Tay's lets them know that the money/food
they give, STAYS LOCAL !

It hasn't rained in FOREVER, but today, the sky decided to let loose!!  It stormed and that made us thankful that we were inside the entry way instead of out in front of the also got us soaking wet, because we couldn't let the elderly ladies carry their own groceries to their cars without umbrellas...I LOVED getting to help them!  :)  The kids did awesome this year, Blake handed out the little flyers with Shirley, that listed the needed items for donation, and Taylor got to hold the money jar. 

Our pastor Kevin and his wife Shirley are a blessing to us! 
The kids love them too!

One lady brought out a bag of groceries to donate AND bought each
kid a sticker book for being good "helpers"!!  That was so
awesome of her, I will do that the next time
I see kids out helping!

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