Thursday, July 14, 2011

Taylor's First Swim Lesson

Taylor has been really excited to start swim lessons.  She has spent her whole life going to all of her big brothers, classes and it's her turn!  Since Blake took lessons at Alligator creek last year, I knew just what to expect.  Her teacher is Mrs. Taylor, I think we can remember her name! lol!  Taylor just went right over to her class and did exactly what the teacher asked.  I knew she would do well with other kids around.
She has been sooo excited to start swim classes!

Easing down into the water

being a superhero...swimming with Mrs. Taylor

Blake staying busy, writing comics in
his journal.

Hi Mommy...I did it!

She is NOT comfortable floating on her back...the teacher called it
the gumdrop game...she's supposed to stick her tummy out,
tilt her head back and open her mouth to catch
gumdrops falling!  She doesn't want a gumdrop!

BUT, she made it through!!!
Her first lesson was exciting and a great experience for Taylor, thank goodness, because we have to come back each morning for the next two weeks!  The only issue I can see, is the instructor asked them to blow bubbles into the water to get their faces in the water and Taylor told her, "no thank you"  notice, I did say that the teacher "asked" her if she wanted to!  She just needs to tell her to do it!  Anyways, we are excited to see what Taylor learns.

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