Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Birthday America

On the Fourth of July, we got up and headed for the Freedom Festival Parade. It is right down the road, so even though it was pretty rainy, we figured we could always cut it short if we had to. We were bound and determined to enjoy the parade and we DID!!!

We started out by sitting in our parked truck while it rained.  No sense in getting out to wait in the rain when we have silly glasses and hats in here!

Finally, the rain slowed down and we ventured out onto the sidewalk...rain gear in tote!  The kids fought over the umbrella, so they both lost it and Billy took it back to the car! lol!

waiting and watching
When the parade finally reached us, they gave the kids their own flags to wave around!  They were ecstatic! Taylor kept waving her flag with one hand and waved with the other, yelling, "Happy Berfday Merica!!!" It was the most perfect thing she could be saying!!!

A lady from a float came from far away to hand
her spider hat off to Taylor! 

Blake was excited to get his own copy of
The Declaration of Independence
He's really into history!

They took turns with their hats!

Daddy's Girl

It started to pour rain, right at the end of the parade...we all ran back to the car.  We were happy that we got to see it all!  We will definitely make a tradition of this!!!
In the car and already reading his new book!

Soaked, but happy!  :)

Happy wet kids, ready to get home and do fireworks!


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