Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday- "we went down to the river"

There is no denying it...when a storm moves through, it definitely takes away the calm rolling waves, replacing them with rough, relentless tumble-you-over waves. The wind doesn't help either, so we didn't spend much time trying to swim because frankly, it hurts to be rolled onto the rough sand that We had been told about De Soto National Park, by the Pastor at The Bridge. He said that is was a "must see", so we took off on another exploration.

Billy and I had both accepted Christ into our lives, some time ago...but as far as being water baptized, neither of us had. We knew that this trip to the ocean would be the one that we would be officially baptized with the water of the beautiful Gulf of Mexico! That same beautiful water got pretty rough with the storms so when we came across this De Soto National Monument, we figured it was a pretty obvious "sign"!

Blake had been officially baptized, and is as much of a pastor as anyone we know, so he did the honors. Billy and I were baptized in the Little Manatee River, aside a giant cross on the bank.
The boys had to fish since we were at a new spot, so Tay and I went to explore the other monuments. There were fiddler crabs all hanging, and dropping, in the forest! yikes! We didn't stay long!

We got back to the condo and just hung out at the beach. It's our last night here, why does it have to be depressing? We have to focus on the awesome week we have had here in paradise!


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