Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hump Day Continued...

Four days in and I'm just now beginning to realize that its vacation...not just run around busy. It's crazy how hard it is for our brains to SLOW DOWN. This is therapy! lol! 

With chances of rain and storms, we decided to do some exploring. We went south, toward Siesta Key, passing through Longboat Key, Armand's Circle, then Sarasota, to Lido Key. On the way back we stopped at the Bridge Street Pier in Brandenton for lunch and it was excellent!

When we got back to the condo, we did some fishing with "real bait" (aka poor wittle crabbies), which we realized was key to ocean fishing.  The kids and I got rolled by some ginormous waves...ouch!! Yes, the winds and storms are effecting our beach conditions but we have already had such wonderful weather, especially compared to last time, that we are happy! Plus...seeing the storms form and roll in is one of my favorite things! I shoulda been a storm-chaser! We are definitely getting some awesome views here!

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