Friday, June 6, 2014

Vacation II- The Sequel

Unlike in the movies, the 2nd one "is" better that the first! We've been planning this beach vacation since Billy surprised me with it as a gift on Christmas. We have been super excited to go when it ISN'T hurricane season! lol!

School got out on Tues, June3rd and we headed beach-bound on Friday. Billy got off a few hours early and we were off! This time, thanks to our friends, Tom and Nicci, we looked at the drive from a different perspective...not just a means of getting "to" the vacation, but actually as part of it! We bought junk food, loaded the kids up with every electronic they owned, blasted fun music and pulled and "all nighter". (with the exception of an hour or so at a rest stop in

Our favorite road trip songs were:  Beautiful Day by Jamie Grace, Open Skies, Happy, I'm yours, and then the usual Zach Brown band beachy songs.  We all arrived with anticipation and smiles upon our faces!


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