Sunday, June 15, 2014

Until next time...

We got packed and ready to head home, when we saw the Sea Turtle Rescuers out in front of the condo.  A nest had been found and needed to be protected! What an awesome way to say Good-bye to the island! We got to watch them dig for the eggs to check on them, and see the trail of evidence that the Mama had left behind! Taylor LOVED seeing this!

We stopped at a hotel to take a break for the LONG drive home, it happened to be the exact same exit that we stopped at the year before! We couldn't have planned that better!

Then we got to visit Wayne, Regina, and Amanda (and all their animals), on the way home. I so miss them!

Our puppy is so worn out from welcoming us home...this ol' sweet Sofa pup...we were happy to see her too!

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