Saturday, June 7, 2014

Oh Glorious Day- We're Here!!!

We got to the island around 1pm. Since we already had the keys to the condo, we could go right in...we already knew what to expect since we had been to the island, done a ton of research, and seen so many pics of the place, but NOTHING and I mean, no amount of photos can totally prepare  you for the breath-taking view when you are faces with that water! That gorgeous, turquoise water and endless sky. It is almost overwhelming...we were instantly grateful, thankful to God for creating such an amazing place and for blessing us with the opportunity to be here!

The condo was amazing, the views are gorgeous! We unloaded the van, made a margarita and headed for the beach. It's literally right out the front door! Immediately the kids were happy, swimming, digging for shells, playing in the sand...happy day!

We hung out by the water for most of the day before coming back to the condo. I put our stuff away in the condo, we got our fishing licences and prepared for the week ahead.We ate dinner at Oma's Pizza and came back for a quick "catch-up" nap.  We ended our first night there by watching the sunset over the water. Now THIS is vacation!


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