Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday- True Bliss

The plan was to set up beach camp and finally have a day with nowhere to go...just to relax and do the "beach thing". The kids and I woke up early and went beach combing. We set our chairs up, to claim our little piece of paradise, which was next to the kids' sand creation, otherwise known as "Sea Weed City". Billy soon followed with fishing poles in hand.



The day was perfect...we even got to do a little sneaky surprise with the kids. When we found out that we were doming back to AMI, we also found out that Tom and Nicci would still be there long enough for a couple of our days to overlap. We have been keeping this a secret from the kids so we could surprise them. We set it up so the kids were just playing in the sand and happened upon each other!!! It was awesome! The looks on their faces were priceless! Plus I got to visit with my bud while Billy and Tom swam out to a sandbar.

The very moment that we got back into the condo, the kids passed out, literally...with candy in their mouths (CHOKING HAZARD)...Billy and I had to force them to spit it out while they were asleep, that was crazy hard to do! lol!  Billy and I went about our night, making a filet for dinner served up with a martin and ate on the patio. The kids woke in time to watch yet another amazing sunset. True bliss.



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