Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Vacation Hump Day

While here at the beach, I am waking up at 5am. I guess I don't want to miss a single sunrise! This morning I went outside and saw a huge round moon beginning to set, I got out my big camera and tripod to take some pics. (Billy should thank me b/c it was either take some pics to show him, or make him get out of bed to see it!!) It was beautiful, way better than the pics turned out with my little lens.

I came in, made some coffee and sat in front of the ocean view to catch up on some of my blogging- my blog is somewhere between a journal and family scrapbook, I love recording memories as they happen!  It is quiet here.  Beautiful. It's the perfect time to write...or...walk the beach, it's light out there now so I gotta head out to see what last night's storm left behind on the shore!

I'm back for a few...out came Blake, then Tay, then Billy. The tide has washed away a lot of the sand. We walked up to see some turtle nests and the bird haven. Billy dug up a couple of sand crabs! Taylor ran in terror as Blake chased them with a net! We are gonna dig more up for bait after breakfast...cheers to another beach day!


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