Monday, June 20, 2016

Amazing Monday

It's 5AM and I'm peeking out the blinds to see if there's any peek of light outside...I see light, but it's not the sunrise's a big bright full moon directly in front of us, shining down, reflection on the beach! I woke Billy and out came Blake, too. We all went down to the waters edge to be under this big beautiful scene. God is so amazing! What a wondrous creation this Earth of ours is!

After everyone woke, we decided to take a drive around the island. We went to the Piers first and boy was it windy and rough. Strange that the gulf is smooth as can be while the bay is totally crazy. Even while standing on the pier, huge waves were crashing around us, it was a little scary. Afterwards, we went to one of our very favorite places, Coquina Beach. Billy and Wayne took some time to fish under the bridge, so Aunt Regina, the kids and I, went to check out the beach. While exploring, Aunt Regina and the kids hand-fed some beach! As we walked on down to the beach, we saw hundreds of stingrays swimming right in front of us! It was absolutely amazing to see! The water was as turquoise as possible and smooth as glass. The sand white as snow, absolutely perfect!

My favorite picture!
We got back to our condo to enjoy "our" beach again, it's almost like that feeling of "home" this place. The guys did some fishing, we swam and layed in the sun. The kids made a friend and Billy caught the first lil' fish of the trip. The night ended with a burning sunset underneath a storm cloud shelf, it truly doesn't get better than this.

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