Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day on the Beach

It's only 6 o'clock in the morning and its already the best day ever...I got up before dawn, got the Father's Day festivities set up, made coffee and then continually peeked through the blinds, waiting for the tiniest bit of sunlight to begin brightening the shore. I got my chair, blog journal and coffee and headed to the waters edge to admire the view and write. As I'm looking out, I see two dolphins playfully cruising along the shore! And I got it on video too! Just then, Wayne and Regina strolled up with their morning shell finds. We sat on the beach with our coffee until everyone woke up.

The kids and I ave been super excited that the very first full day at the beach would be Father's Day, because we already knew exactly what we wanted to surprise him with...the ultimate treasure finder...a metal detector! He loved it, along with his "This Dad's a Keeper" fisherman inspired card.
We set up beach camp and enjoyed the crystal clear, smooth waters. It couldn't be a more perfect beach day! We took little breaks from the sun and water, but spent the entire day relaxing and enjoying. It was a day full of ocean life too...Aunt Regina and the kids swam near a manatee. We saw baby sting rays and all kinds of fish. Haven't caught any yet, but getting live bait tomorrow to change Again, we swam and enjoyed not having to do anything...true vacation style! The guys put together the new bbq grill so we could have some ribeye steaks for Dad's Day. After dinner we walked down the beach, got wet again, and then watched rainbows and the sun set down upon the distant water. We ended the night with coffee and German Chocolate cake to celebrate a wonderful end to this beachy Father's Day.

A rainbow!!!

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