Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thursday- Beach and Sea Life Explorations

This morning I woke up early and headed out to sit by the waves and read my Devotions for the Beach book...I love this book! I read about what amazing creatures dolphins are. How they are an intricate piece of God's huge plan. I got to write my vacay blog a bit and then visit with Billy and Regina. My brother fixed us all breakfast pizza from scratch, it was delish! Kids couldn't get enough!

After eating, we all headed back to check out the reef. The water was clear but there was a side current so we all got a really good workout, as we dove around snorkeling.

Regina really wanted to see some starfish, so we went on a trip to Bean Point with the kids. We parked and walked a long path, through the dunes, to a part of the beach that leaves you in awe. The beach was steeper, just as clear and turquoise, but washed across into a tide pool that ran the whole length of the beach! We saw big fish around us and picked up conch after conch. The shells were so beautiful but the creature that lived inside looked nothing short of an alien! We got to hold starfish and see the largest clam ever! It was a long walk but I'm glad we got to see it all!

We were pretty darn exhausted after all the hiking around the point, so we made it an early night. We ended the night with bbq'd pork steaks and mango chutney. We watched the sunset and then got freaked out as a helicopter swooped looked like it was going to crash on us.I dialed 911 and traffic control confirmed it was a pesticide spraying vessel, and unfortunately it did it's job...there were bugs, mostly honey bees, dead in the water everywhere, the following morning. Sad

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