Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wednesday- Looking-Glass Waters

We woke up the the most clear, calm water we have ever soon here! Billy and I walked the beach, this time hoping to NOT find a washed-up starfish. We'd like to keep a happy ending after Tay's rough night. As the waves gently rolled to shore, you could see straight through them like a looking glass, silver fish darted in and out, shells appeared, and rays of sunlight glistened...amazing.


We set up camp and then snorkeled out to the reef. Blake and I kept our eyes below the water, seeing nothing but an underwater sand covered desert...until darker, almost black lava-looking rocks began to come into focus! The rays of sunlight would bounce off, revealing a bit more of the underwater growth below. We decided that we needed a closer look, so while Billy and Tay rowed our boat above, for safety, we took turns diving down. Tay joined in too...we would go down, laser focus our eyes and then there you would see a beautiful fish. We would get excited and have to hurry to come up for a breath and to tell of our discovery! The fish were surprisingly larger than we expected to see. What a fun experience!

About mid-dayish, Tay and I took Aunt Regina on the trolley to sight see and do a bit of souvenir shopping. We went to Pine Avenue and shopped the boutiques. Such unique finds! We ate ice cream bubbles, bought Tay a starfish keepsake necklace and stopped to see the giant parrots. It was a nice trip around A.M.I.!

Uncle Wayne grilled us some pork tenderloin, we enjoyed dinner and then watched another amazing sunset as we walked the beach. True Bliss.

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