Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday- The Last Day in Paradise

At the crack of dawn, while sitting down by the edge of the water, I noticed the turtle-watch people surrounding a possible nest. I walked up to see, sure enough, you could see perfect turtle tracks coming up from the shore, a big nest dug, and her exit tracks going back to the water! They didn't find any eggs, so the lady explained that she must have been interrupted during her laying process and then she taught us a bit about sea turtles. Love them! Yet another amazing creature that God has placed on this Earth! My Blakers wandered out and joined me, we watched together, so glad we got to see it.

We try not to get bummed that it's our last day, but it's hard to hide it. We have a habit of shoving everything we didn't get to, into our last day. I tried to squeeze in one more "relax" day.
Billy took Blake to the pier to drop a couple lines. They ended up catching a strange fish that they later identified as a lookdown. Tay and I made pancakes while they were gone and after we all had breakfast, we set up our beach camp for the last time.

manatee sighting!!!
After spending the day doing every fun beach activity....sand art, swimming, sunning, and kite-flying, we decided to go out to dinner for the last night. We found a little place in Cortez to eat some seafood. It was on the water and felt like something from back home at the lake. The fishermen here, go catch the food from their boats, then come unload and cook it up! We got to have some drinks, eat some seafood, while listening to the band. It was a nice island feel.

Beach Camp at Paradise

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