Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Blake & Baseball

We were really excited when Blake said he and his friend Nico, had an interest in playing baseball. We researched area teams and eventually registered him through St. Peters Athletic Association. It had been years since we were involved in team sports, and with the boys being older now, we realized that things had really changed. I guess once you begin into the competitive years, things can quickly go south between the players and especially the adults. We knew within the first few meetings, that while the coach claimed to have a really great outlook on team management and coaching, the lack of respect that his own son showed, really concerned us. Turns out, it was a really negative experience for Blake and Nico to start out having to deal with. Unfortunately, the coaches began fighting it out, one left and then things calmed down, but not for long. Regardless, the boys learned alot about the sport and about being on a team and how to deal with the ignorance of others. Our boys were definitely beginners, but they really learned alot and came a long way throughout the season, we are really proud of them! This spring was a really wet season, so practices were limited, games were cancelled, but they were consistent and practiced solo, every chance they got. I gotta say, I really got into watching them play! I'm not much on baseball, but I could def be his baseball cheering Mom! Plus I got to visit with Melissa and Jen, we were the fan club! Love that they are involved in team sports and hope for a better experience going forward! The boys want to play again next year, so let do this!

first practice! 

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