Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tuesday- Boatin' Island Style

We got up early and headed out on the boat for the day. It was a gorgeous, cooler day, perfect for boating! First thing, Billy got startled by a dolphin who came up next to them in the boat and blew his blow hole! LOL! There were dolphins constantly around us, how wonderful! We immediately headed straight for Passage Key. It's a small protected bird sanctuary sandbar island, just off Bean Point. We anchored out and got out to explore...we were apprehensive at first, because there are stingrays everywhere, but I'm soooo glad we were brave enough...it was amazing! It was only knee deep, all around us, and crystal clear! We could see stingrays of all sizes, we made sure to "shuffle" as we walked along. We found really cool shells, a sea urchin, and a starfish. The guys even caught a sword fish-looking thing. We could barely tear ourselves away, but eventually decided to go ahead and travel the gulf parallel to our island to see our condo and the reef that is right in front of us. It was so smooth, easy sailing on the gulf!

After taking in the breathtaking views of the gulf and island beaches, we decided to head into the bay to let the guys fish the flats. They started catching fish after fish, we think they were mangrove snappers. They weren't the only ones fishing, so were some little black diving ducks! These little fellas were relentless, and very brave. Wayne caught one and tossed it to him, he caught it and gulped it down, well...that is, after lots of hard to to swallow it!

The Captain!

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