Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Dance Party

This year's annual Christmas Dance party was wonderful!  It was Taylor's 1st dance in front of an audience!  Blake is used to it and does it with ease, but I wondered how Tay would do....she did awesome! 

We are ready for the show, with cards for
the teachers!!!
My little hip hopper!

Jacob, Blake, and Logan

My little Santa Baby Girl!

"YOU better watch out!!!"
Santa Clause is coming to town!!!

Her first dance class group pic!

The after party!
I cannot even tell you how emotional it was to see my little girl up there dancing for the 1st time!  I was trying to video, but bawling like a baby!  I asked Blake if he likes getting up in front of people and performing, he says, "Well, sure I do".  I asked Taylor how it felt to dance with all the parents watching...I asked if she was nervous or excited, she said that she was just "happy to dance"...I love it that they are gaining skills to be comfortable in front of and audience.

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