Friday, December 23, 2011

Drive Through Lights

Each year we make it an event to drive through Fort. Zumwalt light park.  I always add it in to our advent calendar so we can look forward to it.  We wear our pajamas.  We usually pop popcorn and make cocoa in go cups to take, but since we hadn't eaten dinner yet, we decided to hit Wendy's for dinner and lights this year!  There was a line for miles just to get in, but it's always worth it...we try to not be rushed and to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the light show. 

Both got candy canes...already sugared up here!

It's amazing how many lights are all over!

We played "who can spot Rudolph first"  Taylor won!

The lights were beautiful...but just getting to ride in the car together and listen to the kids calling out,  "oh look over here!" or  "Wow, it's Rudolph" made me feel so blessed to be able to do this together! 

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  1. We did it, too. I love it. Next year I would love to do the carriage ride.