Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve morning, we got to sleep in!   I got the house clean, last presents wrapped, and all the appetizers made for that evening.  Aunt Sissy came over, bringing loads of presents and food.  She is the cheer-bringer!!!  She intentionally waited until the afternoon to come, because last year, the kids got in trouble for begging to open her presents all day!!  This year, I figured out how to stop that...when they opened their advent calendar, the note I put inside said, "Aunt Sissy gets to come spend the night, we will open presents at 5pm, if you DO NOT ask to open them will get extra gifts!!!"  It worked, this year, us adults, were the ones wanting to get started ahead of schedule! lol!

Taylor and I started the day off with our reindeer
ears and red noses!
We always say a prayer to thank God for the blessings that we get to give & recieve, Happy Birthday to Jesus!  Blake did the honors this year, he's such a sweet little guy.

Taylor got La La Loopsy from Aunt Sissy!

Taylor gave Bubby a Pokemon guy!

Thanking eachother for their gifts!

Blake loved his Diary of a Wimpy kid book from
Aunt Sissy!  He just wanted to read it!

Aunt Sissy always gives him Legos...his fave!

Daddy hit him in the eye while trying to open his gift!  Sorry!
Sophie got a hideous looking badger thing!

Daddy got headphones, now he can play his guitar
and we can still have some peace!  lol!
Diana gives to us constantly...always paying for
stuff, always sneaking money in my car/purse
when she knows we are strapped...we got to give
her something cool this year...a wii!!!  She can get fit
at home now!  We love Aunt Sissy!!!!

The aftermath, looks like a tornado hit!!!
 It has been the most blessed Christmas ever!

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