Sunday, December 25, 2011

Santa Came!

The kids wanted to sleep with Aunt Sissy in Blake's room, which made it hard for Santa to come!  Those kids barely slept at all, too excited!!  We told them that Santa wouldn't come if they were awake, so they doubted he would...     BUT HE DID!!!!
The kids put out cookies, milk, carrots for the reindeer, and Blake made
a special note for Santa!

Santa brought Taylor the Doggie Doo game and the pink camo tiger she
asked for! 

Santa brought Blake the wii games and Ben 10 stuff he wanted!

Blake wanted to write Santa a little note...he wrote, "MERRY CHRISTMAS.  Is
Rudolph real?"   And he wrote a check yes or no box.  Plus this year, the kids
put a little stocking up for Buddy our elf, so Santa left him a hand made
braided necklace with two little buttons on it!  A green one for Blake and a
red one for Taylor!!  We will leave it out for Buddy to wear next year!!!

Buddy's little stocking with  his present from Santa.

Playing Ben 10!

Taylor is doctoring him a shot, of course!!!
We spent a couple hours just playing with their new toys...then we got ready to go to church!!

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