Thursday, December 29, 2011

A trip to the Art Museum

We took a day trip to the Art Museum was wonderful!  Both kids really enjoyed it.  We literally looked at EVERY piece of art in the place!  Some areas were not appropriate for the kids, nudity seems to be a fave of artists!  Some areas were downright SCARY!  There were paintings that were so beautiful, you could almost cry...I always see people just sit or stand in front on art and look at it...never been one of those types...I'm usually on-the-go, busy, and not patient enough to "just stand still" enough...gotta admit, there WAS art that required the stand-still!!   No flash photography allowed, plus I used my new little camera...not used to it yet, so pics are not the best! 

We LOVED the big colorful pieces!!!

I love bare tree pictures!  I know it's strange, but we used to drive around
the country, taking pictures of dead trees...I have lots of portraits that I
took and never hung...someday.

THIS is one of the scary ones!

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  1. I love the art museum. I'm hoping to take the kids this spring/summer but I've got to let Caleb settle down a bit. LOL